I Don't Believe in Fortune Telling

This post is gonna be short and simple. Before I begin, I'm gonna explain a little bit about how my office runs. Whenever we joi...

This post is gonna be short and simple.

Before I begin, I'm gonna explain a little bit about how my office runs. Whenever we join a new company, we always have to go through orientation, right? Well, in my office, we do things a little bit differently. Orientation gives us (the existing staff) the chance to bully have a little fun.

The newbies would have to get everyone's names and positions in the office by the end of the day. Sounds pretty simple right? NOT. Sorry, but getting our names aint that simple bruhhh. You'd have to do something, be it dancing, singing, making a fool out of themselves or simply completing a task in exchange for our names. Hahaha.

So as I was saying, there's these two new guys in my office. Not that our office already have too many Michelle's, we now have TWO Jason's. -___- One of the J's had some simple techniques of fortune telling. Hence, this blog post. LOL (sorry Jason, don't kill me when you finally read this post)

I expected my fortune teller to look something like this... LOL

So yea, his task was to simply read my fortune. He had various methods, like tarot reading, palm reading and birthdate calculations, etc. He first asked for my birthdate and somehow he knew that my happiest time was in year 2012.

Not that I specifically remember what happened two years ago, but all I can remember was that I had nothing in my life at that moment. Not that I was miserable or something, but yea, my life was pretty simple back then. College, curfew, eat, sleep, gym, repeat. (LOL at gym cause I'm pretty much of a fat bum right now)

That said, all I can remember that year was losing my best friend, Sze Lin, getting back with my ex for like 6 months and somewhat ending my (sort of) five year relationship with him. Finally. IKR, how did that even contribute to my happiness? 

Anyway, then he asked what I would like to know about my life. I wanted to know about money and relationship cause I was just being curious. He said I'm happier being single (he didn't know I had a boyfriend at that time), but when I told him I was in an almost-2-year relationship, he recommended me to break up. I mean, whuuut? You didn't even answer my money question, the most important factor in my life k. Hahaha

Then, Ophelia was curious as well, so she wanted to know about her relationship too. Jason said that the answer was gonna be the same as mine because she asked at the same time. So now, time tells our fate? Sounds pretty stupid to me, TBH. 

I believe that in life, our actions decide and will tell all. Not some stupid fortune told by your birthdate and palm. Or worse, the 'time' that we ask the questions. 

So yea, the title pretty much says it all. I don't believe in fortune telling

Hah, I promised you a short blog post this time, but mehhhh. Toodles!