Shear Madness Malaysia!

So yesterday, I attended my first ever comedy sketch! And I must say, it was the best decision ever to watch Shear Madness Malaysia , courte...

So yesterday, I attended my first ever comedy sketch! And I must say, it was the best decision ever to watch Shear Madness Malaysia, courtesy of ChurpChurp! :D

Here's a little background research I did before the show. Shear Madness is one of the longest-running non-musical plays in the world! All over the world, Shear Madness has the exact same plot to it except that the murderer is never the same. The ending of the play always differs as the audience (yes, you) gets to interact with the cast to find out the murderer themselves!

As usual, because my bf never wants to spend time with me (T____T), I got my best friends to tag along with me to catch this exciting show. Sze, Phoon and Melvin decided to kidnap Andrew along as well. Hahaha. Anyway, we got front-row seats, woooo!

The Plot
The entire show was performed in a Hair & Beauty Saloon set up and it started off extremely funny. The scene ended when Isabel Fernandez was murdered. *jeng jeng jeng* But it doesn't stop there! It gets crazier when Inspector Soon (played by Phoon Chi Ho) comes in to solve the case.

To solve the murder mystery, the cast had to do a walkthrough of the whole scene once more. From there, the super teruk Malaysia police force started to pick up clues from the help of the audience! (Yes, all my cluedo & CSI nights throughout the years can finally pay off!)

Let's just let the photos do the talking alright?

How it started... Tomy Gun & his beautician, Chanel.

 The amazing cast!

They even ask the audience to inspect the evidence.

 Wowowoahh, intense sia....


My favourite cast of the night, Tomy Gun!! 

I'm not gonna give away too much of the story, you're gonna have to watch it for yourselves! I highly recommend for you guys to watch #ShearMadnessMalaysia and be part of the fun. I really really loved it and I'm sure you would too! Here are some details for you if this blog post has got you all excited and interested to catch it for yourselves:

Shear Madness Malaysia will be performing from 26th November to 7th December 2014 at PJ Live Arts. Tickets are super cheap and totally worth it! As for my fellow Penang-kias, fret not as Shear Madness Malaysia will also be performing in Penang Pac from the 12th to 14th December 2014!! AMAGAD, totally gonna get my family to watch it. :D

Check out Shear Madness Malaysia's Facebook page or PJ Live Arts for more info. To purchase tix, head over to or call +6017-2289-849 for enquiries.

Til next time, signing off! :)