Signature Grand Launch @ The Roof!

Greetings, once again! I'm still pretty new at this whole blogging thing because I don't normally document my life for people to re...

Greetings, once again! I'm still pretty new at this whole blogging thing because I don't normally document my life for people to read as I'm kind of a very private person. That said, I'm really active on social media though. So remember to follow or add me on all my platforms, guys! You can find me at @laurakanggg or search for my links in my bio on the right! :D 

Moving on, I'm gonna be writing about the Signature Grand Launch @ The Roof which I recently attended on 4th November 2014. This time, I was invited as a blogger to cover the event! (It pays to be a blogger. #macamyes) hahaha. You know what that means - free flow of boooooze! *whut whut*

I got to leave work early to attend the event with my friends. We work together, party together kayyyy. :P The event started around 8PM, so got home early, got dressed and put on ma heels which I rarely do, so this calls for an OOTD shot! 

I first met up with my comm team, Ophelia a and Samantha! Tiny creatures, they are but I love them to bits. When I meant tiny, I seriously meant tiny. (or maybe I'm just really huge lahhh) lol

Shortly after, Denise, Enwei, Adrian, Jack, Joyce and Mel arrived. :)

There was a table reserved for us Nuffnang bloggers along with the free flow of beer! We were served refreshing bottles of beer. *keep 'em coming, boys!* ;)

Anyhoo, this event launch was to introduce to us the new menu and new live band they'll be having at the Signature @ The Roof. The ambiance was really nice, in my opinion, and I loved the lighting! 

There was a pretty good live band playing that night which played a wide array of song choices featured from the classics to the current genre. They must be from Philippines cause only Philippinos have that good of a voice. Hahahah

They sang Chandelier by Sia. No one can sing that shit..

Next it was good tasting time! Signature served us superrrrr mini portions which I guess was kinda stupid given that our table of 10 had to share that pathetic spoonful of whatnots. Anyway, here it is.

 'Fresh' Oyster with Mango. Note the inverted commas. It. Was. Not. Fresh. At. All. And it actually kinda sucked. :/

 Squid Ink Pasta with Scallop and Garlic Pasta with Shrimp. *Two thumbs up!*

Yellow coloured water. *jokes* It was some kind of Mango Peach drink thing. But yea, it tasted horrible....

It was only 9.45PM when I got bored and tired. So I decided to leave. I guess I'm just getting old. Or at least I like to behave like one. Hah!

All in all, 'twas a pretty "mehhh" night. If you know what I mean. But here are some more pictures before I end this blog post ya. ;)

 If it isn't obvious enough, I cut my hair. A tad bit too short, I reckon.. :(


That's all for today! Till next time, signing off.