Nuffnang 8irthday!

Okay, I think it's about time I got back to this space... Hahah Here's my OOTD 2 weeks ago and a hint to what this blog post i...

Okay, I think it's about time I got back to this space... Hahah

Here's my OOTD 2 weeks ago and a hint to what this blog post is gonna be about:

Hint: Nuffnang balloons, Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit and my resting bitch face... LOL

So 2 weeks ago, my team and I planned, organized and executed the Nuffnang 8th birthday! :D it was also the launch of the Bloggerati program along with a Nuffnang ChurpChurp open house. So that you people can see how hard we work behind the scenes!! It's not all fun and games ok? Hahaha

Anyway, back to the event. It was A Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, at 10AM in the morning. At Zouk Club KL.... LOL

We worked day and night, lacking sleep, to turn Zouk KL into something more "posh" and "classy"... IKR, a club? Breakfast at Tiffany's? Trust me when I say, we tried our best. Hahaha. 

Here is what it looked like!! 

So amazing right?!! Major love for my interns for spending all their time with the deco. EVERYTHING WAS HAND MADE PLS. Looks amazing! Thanks girls!! 

Look at these amazingly huge Tiffany boxes! They're actually speakers but we decided to cover them up.. Hahaha spot the Crabtree & Evelyn hampers tho. Totally wanted to steal them home. Hahahaha kidding

I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because I've worked so hard for everyone to have a good time at Nuffnang 8irthday. I need to relax! :P

So the event was pretty amazing! It had crazy dessert stations, perfect for the hot weather and all the running around. Loved the ice cream Milkcow had prepared for us. Just what I needed. 

And to top it off, DESSERTS!!! Foret Blanc made the best dessert spread ever. I'm a major sweet tooth, so imagine how much I whacked off the table. Hahaha

Ooh, ooh! Look at the gorgeous cake la! Sah preetssss!!!

Also, to cater to the alcoholics we Nuffies are, we had bottle and bottles of Heineken beer and Strongbow ciders. Hahahha. 

During Boss Tim's speech :D *clink!*

And what's Zouk without a little whiskey? 56 Degrees was served to us and it was even IN THE DESSERTS!! I must say, it was actually pretty smooth which I quite liked. (I'm not a fan of whiskey, but this me like!)

Ah, next, the best part. The FOTOBOX!! Please, I took so many photos that even the guy in charge kept repeating "You again?" Hahahah but he damn layan me la. Took so many. :P

 With the annoying bunch, Elie & Op! :)

 Uncle DD, Wai Cheong and le Strip Orang Utan! :D

Lil' bit of YuTson, Joyce, Uncle DD, Wai Cheong and your friendly Easter bunny! Hahaha

Moving on. Here's what I got from the event:

What's in the goodie bag: Milkcow vouchers, Honey combs from Milkcow, Strip vouchers (yay, smooth. Hahaha), Garden of Dazzles vouchers and Heineken headphones! Awesomeeeee.

I even gots myself a brooch from Garden of Dazzles! Hehehe won it from participating in the open house booths that day. :P

The very beautiful Ad Ops Team! (and one purple dinosaur, Carina HAHAHA)

Ok la, didn't really get to take much pictures (these amazing photos were actually taken by ThoughShots) cause I was really busy running around cueing people for their roles in the event, but here's a few more to end the blog post! 


 CONFETTI & CAKE! Just like rainbows and unicorns. hehehe

 Le organizer: Ophelia, Sam & Yours Truly


Also, Pedro is giving away RM1000 Pedro voucher! Can't wait to join and win it. Heheheheh 

Til next time, hopefully not too far from now..