#Insignificunts in Langkawi

HEYYAAAA! So, after a year plus of stress. We (the nuffies) finally took time off for a short vacay to Langkawi!  ...


So, after a year plus of stress. We (the nuffies) finally took time off for a short vacay to Langkawi! 

It also happened to be Le BF's birthday week, so let's kill 2 birds with 1 stone and bring him along on the trip. Hehehe

Okay, so we took off after work on Friday and headed straight to our hotel. Bryan managed to book this really cheap and GORGEOUS hotel for us - Dayang Bay Hotel & Resort. 

Take a look:
The infinity pool! Didn't manage to take photos of the room. :(

We freshened up at the hotel and it was about to strike 12AM for me to wish Shane "Happy Birthday", when his friends (pre-planned surprise) appeared at our doorstep to wish him as well. It wasn't much but glad he was happy to see them. :)

 Thanks for coming and helping out, guys! Thanks for the smile on his face. hehe

We went over to Cenang Beach to have drinks, just the 4 of us, and it was pretty cool! Reminded me of Bora Bora by the Beach in Penang. There were tables on the sand and we had to sit on mats too. There were also fire performers throughout the night. :)

Day 2 - SWIMMING! :D

With my girlsssss! Love them to bits!

Later on, we went to Cenang Beach again for some water sports! Wheeeee

 The boys and the sick sunset

Group shot with The Insignificunts, because we're insignificant and we're cunts

 BIRTHDAY BOY!!! *kiss kiss*

The day ended with really GOOD and CHEAP malay seafood!

Day 3, we didn't do much but drink and went up the cable car. The view was SICK AF.

Next up, "Laksa Power" which wasn't really that power to begin with.... LOL. We each had a bowl and shared cendol as well. (It was kinda shitty.....)

Disclaimer: This was not an easy photo. Here's why...


That said, the sucky food was worth it because we were having it by the beach with.......

..... THIS VIEW!!


So yea, basically, the 3 day 2 night trip was filled with alcohol, cigarettes and uhm, food. Not one minute was spent sober and no more than 400ml intake of water for the entire duration we were there. You could only imagine the dehydration...

The losers who couldn't handle this much FUN.

That's all folks! Reminiscing the trip with The Insignificunts already!! What I miss most? THIS:

Here's to many many more trips together, Insignificunts! :D

Til next time, 


  1. Did Bryan get a new tattoo?! O: Or is that just henna? And OMG, Hakim's face in that group pic on the beach. LMFAO!