Why is facial important?

Last week, I had the opportunity to try one of Bella Skin Care 's latest facial treatments - Aquadew Pro . I went the the branch in Ban...

Last week, I had the opportunity to try one of Bella Skin Care's latest facial treatments - Aquadew Pro. I went the the branch in Bangsar Village II and I was kinda embarrassed to say that that was actually the first time I've ever went for a facial in my life. But here I am blogging about it because throughout the session, I've learnt that in order to have flawless skin, skin care products and facial treatments are a MUST.  

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but I actually have very bad skin. It may not look that bad in photos because hey, we all know everyone uses beauty mode on their cameras. Hahahaha. I don't use it (more like I don't know how) so that's why you rarely see any selfies from me on my Instagram.

I do, however, use makeup on a daily basis but I have very poor knowledge on skincare. I always wondered why I had uneven skin tone, microscopic bumps on my face and so many blackheads that it could form its own colony. But I never knew why or what caused it, so I always covered them up with makeup. It's a hassle, really. I love makeup, but I'm such a lazy ass to apply it everyday. :(

The skin consultants at Bella opened my eyes to a whole new world the other day when I went to get my skin analyzed using a 3D skin analysis machine. I'm not a very girly-girl, so pardon my amusement. HAHAHAHA. Always thought I had oily skin cause throughout the day, I'd come home with with a really dirty and greasy T-zone, but the skin analysis gave completely different results. It's 99% accurate, so go figure. *rolls eyes.

As you can see, the UV light captured all my flaws. The patches were unbalanced skin tone, the darkspots were my pimple scars and the white dots were my blackheads :(

I have tons of facial products but I was just blindly using them this whole time. I only use makeup remover and a facial cleanser everyday to remove the dirt off my face, which is NOT ENOUGH. Trust me. That's what caused them weird little bumps (whiteheads) on my face. The uneven skin tone is caused from all that sun which is why I should use more facial creams with SPF. And don't even get me started on my pores and blackheads. T_T

Anyhoo, back to the treatment. The Aquadew Pro is a new facial technology that deep cleanses, pampers and rejuvenates the skin with 3 treatment solutions - the skin clarifying serum, antiseptic serum and the antioxidant serum. The skin clarifying serum deep cleanses, softens impurities, sebum and dead cells of the skin. The antiseptic serum helps in reducing acne breakouts, lightening acne marks as well as softening and moisturising the skin. Lastly, the antioxidant serum promotes healing of the skin and provides long lasting hydration.

The treatment is delivered to the skin via the aqua spiral tip which is designed in a spiral shape which exfoliates the skin several times during serum application. It helps in dislodging and clearing impurities, thereby making extraction easier. On top of that, the package included a other services such as hand massage & waxing, shoulder & neck massage and even a soothing mask. 

Changed into this cutesy robe and then commenced the facial treatment! 

It started off with a hand massage. Ah blissssssssssss. Then a hand waxing treatment which was pretty cool cause they dip your hands in hot wax and once it cools off and hardens, they wrap your hands up with a cling wrap to retain the moisture.

Next was a soothing shoulder and neck massage while they cleansed my skin and started the Aquadew treatment. The process was very cooling the entire time which left my skin feeling very relaxed throughout the service. It then ended with a cooling mask.

hahahhaha i was practically ripped from my eyesight, so imagine me trying to take this photo on my own while the therapist left me for 15 minutes. HAHAHAHAHHA

When I was done, Bella Skin Care's skin consultant then analysed my skin again and the results were amazing. Immediately after the treatment, my skin radiated with a healthy glow. The results showed lesser unbalanced skin tone, lesser blackheads and smaller pores, reduced fine lines, and reduced puffiness in the face. hehehehe

So ladies, please please please don't be like me and schedule yourself for a facial treatment already. It could save your life *drama lol. Remember, it's never too late to have flawless skin. 

More about Bella Skin Care here: https://www.bellaskin.com.my/index.php

ok bye hahahaha


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