A remedy for fading hair colour

Hai! I can has unicorn hair! Ok, maybe not colourful hair all at once, but I have changed my hair colour multiple times. lol As you can ...

Hai! I can has unicorn hair! Ok, maybe not colourful hair all at once, but I have changed my hair colour multiple times. lol As you can see below, I've had purple hair, rose gold hair, blue hair, grey hair, and now blond hair. If I could, I would have the rainbow on my head.

Then again, I'm too old fo dat shyt. I actually wanted to redye my hair last week because all that washing, blow-drying, hot tools, the sun and other environmental factors have caused my hair colour to fade to blond. But my uh-may-zing hair stylist from Alph Saloon, Daisy, advised me to give my hair a break from all the bleaching and dying. Side note: It's not often you find that kind of honest hairstylists anymore. Which is why I'm really happy with my saloon. Most of them just think about the sales. Le sigh. So, I guess no more korerful hair? ☹️

WRONG. Alph introduced to me the most amazing product evuuuuuuurrrrrr - Fabuloso Pro by Evo! *ajax fabuloso! I know, you were singing it too weren't you? 😏 hahaha. Fabuloso Pro is a type of colour treatment conditioner for damaged and faded hair colour. So of course, although Daisy said no dying, she still managed turned my blond hair back to grey with Fabuloso without damaging my hair!

Incase you were wondering, no it does not only come in grey. Fabuloso is a new hair colour care innovation which enables your hair stylist to create customized colour maintenance conditioner, tailored to your individual hair colour and type, to maintain your colour in between salon visits.They come in various colours that, with a little expertise, can be mixed to create any colour you want.

Source: Evo hair's Instagram
The conditioner also helps to extend the life of hair colour, improve hair strength, increase hair moisture and also provides added UV protection. Seriously, it's as though this product is designed by the Gods for me. Hahahhahahaha.

Before (left) and After (right):

That ain't even the best part yet. The best part is... #waitforit..... you can even do this in the comfort of your own home! I remember my cousin telling me about a product like this before and that she could change her hair colour after each time it fades just by washing it. I was like "Whuuuuuuuuut? *mind blown*" lol. Turns out, it was Fabuloso Pro. Heh

Of course it's still best if you go see your hair stylist to get the best results. They ARE the experts after all right? I'm not too sure if you can get this product anywhere else, but I do know that Alph is providing this service along with Fabuloso Pro. You can give them a call and make an appointment with them (you won't regret it, I promise). You can find their details on their facebook below: 

Alph Saloon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alph-Studio-134197510006013/

Thank me later, toodles! 😏