Sunkissed Travel Guide to Boracay!

I've been meaning to write a detailed blog post about my last trip to Boracay Island . Which was 4 freaking months ago.... lol.  Wt...

I've been meaning to write a detailed blog post about my last trip to Boracay Island. Which was 4 freaking months ago.... lol. Wtf it's already been 4 months since my last vacay?!?! T__T *hints bf*. HAHAHAH Well, I may be 4 months late, but here it is anyway. :)

It was our first outstation trip together and we decided to go to Boracay! JUST LOOK AT THE BLUE BLUE SKY & SEA :O

I've read lots of good reviews about Boracay so we wanted to experience it for ourselves last December. I had to do a lot of research about this place in several sites before I went for my trip. So for your convenience, I'll provide you everything and even break it down for you in sections - transportation, hotel, activities, nightlife & food. *brownie points for me :) 

Boracay Island itself is pretty small. It's a very beautiful island in Philippines. You probably could round the entire island in less than an hour, on bike of course. Lol. Along the west coast of the island is a very long beach called White Beach. It's where you can get/do/see everything on the island. 

White Beach is separated into 3 sections - Station 1 (north west), Station 2 (west) & Station 3 (south west). Station 1 for the atas people, station 2 for those with an average budget and station 3 for the backpackers. No, not joking. 

Getting there can be quite tiring as it takes you approximately 7 hours for you to get from KL to Boracay. Airasia is your cheapest source of flights (based on my research), it only cost about RM350 for a return trip? So yea, we took an early flight from KLIA to Kalibo International Airport. The flight duration was about 4 hours and we arrived there around 3PM.

We then took a van from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty. Don't bother booking any transportation besides the flight because you'll have tons of tour companies standing right outside the airport screaming at you to take their van, like vultures fighting for their prey. The van ride costs you around PHP 250 per person so DO NOT go for anything more than that. Unless you like to simply spend money la, if you do though, we should be friends. HAHAHAHAHA. So anyway, the van ride is about 2 hours long, so find a good seat. 

Once you've reached Caticlan Jetty, you'll have to pay a terminal fee and an environmental fee. If I remember correctly, it is about PHP 170 per person. They then take you on a ferry which takes you over to the island in about 15 minutes. At that time, it was around 5.30PM there, and the sun sets pretty early there, so we had a really nice ride to Boracay as we wathced the sun set. 

Around the island, there's only 2 modes of transportation. 1) TukTuk - carriers on bikes, and 2) your feet. TukTuks can be really really cheap as it only costed us PHP 50 to get from the jetty to our hotel.

The journey back is exactly the same as getting there, just that you'll need to pay a terminal fee of PHP 700 each at the airport before you leave. No one told me this, so I was kinda short of local money and had to draw out money from their atm. Freaking RM25 transaction fee ok knn wtf 

The hotel we stayed at was called Green Monkey which we booked through Agoda. It was a budget hotel and we only paid RM100 per night, sorry we use hard earned money and not daddy's money, kthxbye. The hotel was a little small but it was clean and comfortable. We only needed the room to nap in the evenings and sleep at night anyways. Heh. Here's how it looked like:

There are tonnes of activities you can do in Boracay Island, but due to the limited time we had there, nagging boyfriend who only wants to sleep in all day err day and lack of spending money, we could only do a few activities, but it was still a good trip despite all of that.

He puteri lilin... HAAAHAHHAHA

One of the few things you can do there is pubcrawl, Paraw sailing during the sunset, ATV, ziplining, snorkelling etc. I got all my information from this website: 

Among the very few things I did there was cliff jumping at Ariel's Point, snorkelling, massage (only PHP 350!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and sun tan ALL DAY ERR DAYYYY!

I became so tan after that, my colleagues called me "kakak".. :(

The trip to Ariel's point is usually sold in a package - PHP 2,500 per person (that's about RM250 per person). I wouldn't say it's cheap, but it's worth it if you have a huge appetite and you love beer. The moment you step onto the boat, it's free flow all day long. There's also a buffet spread waiting for you at the point. :p

One thing famous about Ariel's point is the cliff jumping. So if you're afraid of heights or you don't have the guts, don't waste your money pls. Go do something else like watch the sunset LOL boringgggggggg. There are 3 levels of cliff jumping - 3 meters, 5 meters, 8 meters and 15 meters. 

The locals there will probably tell you to straight go for the 15 meters jump. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT GO FOR IT... I took my first jump at 5 meters and because I didn't jump straight enough, I swear, water gushed straight up my butt. -.- aaaand, it hurt. Imagine if you did the 15 meters first without a trial run. fuuuuhhhh your anus bye bye. hahahahahha Ok, then I did 8 meters. This time I did it slightly better, slightly straighter. Immediately after that, I went for the 15 meters. 

The nightlife in Boracay is pretty chill. Most nights, me and Shane would just chill at a bar at the beach. There's this thing called Pubcrawl, which is basically a one-time passport for barhopping tour along White Beach. But ofcourse we didn't do that, cause we old. Instead, we went bar hopping on our own, just to see which bar had nicer ambience and cheapest beer. hahahahha cheapskate. Many of the bars have different themes/scenes. There will be some that have bean bags as chairs, some that serve shisha, some that have live bands and other entertainment like fireshows, etc.

There is a mall along the beach called D'mall, where we would go on most nights to grab souvenirs for friends back home and a lot of food and shopping.

There are tonnes of restaurants and cafes along White Beach. They range from local Philippine food to Italian, Korean and Western. To be honest, the restaurants and cafes were a little pricey and there wasn't anything really special about them. That said, there were a few favourites that we constantly went during the day - Aplaya, Damianas & The Hobbit Tavern!


The food was alright, although a little pricey. But the reason why we chilled here during the day was because of the free wifi. AHAHHAHAHAHAHA


The food here was reasonably priced and it tasted not too bad either. But the real reasons why we loved this place? Super friendly workers. Partly because Shane started talking to them about DOTA.....................................

The Hobbit Tavern

This place is located inside D'Mall and they serve local Philippines delicacies. The price was reasonable and the service was superb. One thing about this place is that ALL of the workers there were dwarfs! And they were super friendlyyyyy hehehe. And of course, they had a live band as well.

During night time, I only went to one place for dinner - D'Talipapa Market!

D'Talipapa Market

Every night, without fail, we would go to D'Talipapa Market for dinner which was only 2 minutes walk outside from our hotel. The market was so interesting because they had a wet market in the center selling all sorts of fresh seafood, meat and vegetables. And surrounding the wet market were all the restaurants that don't have dishes, but only provide cooking services. So, you get the gist, we buy our seafood, and pay for the cooking service however we like.

If you're planning to go there, just make sure to bring you bargaining game ON. They usually quote you PHP 450 (that's RM45) per crab, but I would bargain until they brought it down to PHP 150 (RM15). See how they cut throat? ahahaha So if you know how to bargain, this will be the only place you need to go to for dinner.

For the cooking service, they have different types of sauces and cooking styles like steamed, grilled, fried, etc.

All this for just RM40 hehehehehhe

Lastly, if you really know me, I'm always up for trying new things. I like to test my limits and I'm mostly curious about a lot of things like local delicacies or exotic foods, etc. So on my trip to Boracay, on my last night, I decided to try Balut!

Balut is a local Philippines delicacy. It's technically fertilized duck egg. LOL. It's usually very hard to find them, but after talking to a few locals, I found out how to find them. At night, there will be men carrying Styrofoam boxes along the beach. Yes, you've guessed it - they sell balut. *rolls eyes It only costs PHP 15 if I remember correctly.

How you eat it: You first break the top of the shell and add a little salt and vinegar. You then drink the 'soup' and once you're done, you start peeling off all the shell. Then, om nom nom nom that shit down.

TBH, I thought it wasn't too bad. Partly because mine was only fertlized for only 18 days, whereas for Shane, he got a 21 days fertilized egg. So he could feel the beak, legs and feathers. HAHAHAHHA

That's about it for my trip to Boracay. Before I end my post, Here are some more photos from my trip! :)

All my bikinis during my trip were from Malibu Beachwear!



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