Anniversary trip to Pulau Kapas!

It's the most important day of the year - my birthday! And not-so-coincidentally my 3rd year anniversary with Shane. Yes he cheap...

It's the most important day of the year - my birthday! And not-so-coincidentally my 3rd year anniversary with Shane. Yes he cheapo asked me to be his girlfriend on my birthday so he can save money on presents. Hahaha. Doesn't work that way bro. *rolls eyes*

We usually do an annual trip together to celebrate the occasion and this year we took a short trip to Pulau Kapas

Shane has always nagged about how I like to do too many things during a trip, so this time around, I decided to plan a 3D2N getaway to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but soak up all dat vitamin D all day err day! Also because lately I've been so stressed out and overworked that I just needed to take a freaking break. 

So! Here's a quick breakdown of Pulau Kapas:

Pulau Kapas a.k.a Cotton Island (fo reals) is located on the east of Terengganu, way waaay south of Pulau Redang actually. :)

If you've ever been to Pulau Perhentian, it's pretty similar except that it's much much smaller and there's not much to do. And with that, you can only expect a lesser crowd as compared to Perhentian right. Trust me, less is good. It's so peaceful and quiet and it's just the perfect place to recuperate. 

The water is so crystal clear and the corals are so close to the shore! But dead, of course. Hahahaha cheap shot. There aren't that many fishes here, but who cares when you've got an amazing view like this: 

 Dat view tho
Okay, let's proceed to getting there. If you don't mind a 5 hour journey, then driving would be the best way to go! Especially if you're going in a group. Although it was just Shane and I, it was a pretty last minute plan so we didn't have a choice but to drive down. 

It was pretty simple! We just waze-d Marang Jetty and we were on our way. Be mindful that you'll be driving down some seriously dangerous highways and ulu-ulu kampung roads ya! So drive safe, kids! 

You will then need to walk-in to any of the (plenty) travel agencies they have at Marang Jetty. The agency I contacted was called MGH Boat Service and the guys there were super friendly and helpful! 

If you're looking to have a hassle free trip to Pulau Kapas, you can contact them at +6016-922 5454 to book your hotel and boat. :)

Once we arrived at Marang Jetty, we then took a quick boat ride over to our chalet. The boat guide will bring you right at the doorstep (in this case - shore) of your chalet. Super hassle free!

Our boat dropped us off at our chalet and we were set for the weekend!

There are aplenty of chalets available at Pulau Kapas, so you don't really have to worry about finding a place to stay once you get there. Best would be to do do some research online and call to book yourself a room. Otherwise, you can always do a walk-in. :) 

The place me and loverboy stayed at was called Qimy Chalet. It was a quiet and cooling place to hideout in away from the hustle & bustle of the city life. Qimy has about a total of 14 rooms and the room we booked was called Rose villa, about RM100 per night. Here's a quick look inside the room..

Rose Villa

This is the toilet. Ya, shower in nature ahhahahaha wtf

Waking up to this view errdayyyy
It may not see much, but hey, we only needed it to sleep at night cause we were by the beach the entire time. Most of the chalets on Pulau Kapas are like this though, so don't expect much. 

Basically, our plan was to do absolutely nothing during our time there. And I've got to say, for a person who can't stand bumming around, it can be pretty darn good to relax sometimes.

However, there ARE a few things you could do on the island like the basic snorkeling, diving, turtle watching, etc wtv. We snorkeled most of our time there because the snorkel and goggles were free for rent from our chalet. :)

All day err dayyyyyyyyyyy

The food there on Pulau Kapas was nothing special and rather pricey. A basic meal would cost you roughly around RM30. And we're not talking about restaurant food here, just your basic fried rice, mee goreng, etc. 

And don't get me started with the alcohol. A can of beer costs RM10 wtf. There's only one stall that sells alcohol and there's no convenient store or anything, so yeahhhh... I would recommend for you to buy your own beer/drinks and snacks and bring it over to the island instead.

This cost us RM90 okay, @#!%$$!@$&!!!

But hey, you get to eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner with this view yo! :D


 As you all know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE beach getaways! Each time I plan a trip to the beach, I always make sure I'm prepared for the perfect trip. Here are my top 5 essentials for a beach getaway: 

Hey, you gotta make sure you're ready for an amazing time soaking under the sun, right? Hehehe

What are YOUR top 5 essentials for a perfect getaway? Let me know in the comments below! :D

On my next getaway, I'd really like to go to Phuket with a bunch of my closest friends! We could all stay in a 3-5 BR villa together or something hohoho. The best part is, I can find the perfect accommodation with!

Til my next holiday trip, toodles! Xx