Review: Eyelash Extensions!

I've always wanted to get my lashes extended for quite some time now. I remember my last attempt was 3 years back, when they told...

I've always wanted to get my lashes extended for quite some time now.

I remember my last attempt was 3 years back, when they told me my lashes were too weak/fragile and that they (my original lashes) would drop off as the extensions dropped. Which literally FREAKED ME OUT. I wasn't gonna spend RM200 (at that time) to do extensions only to result with bald eyes at the end. HAHHAHA no way Jose.
I'm so glad I didn't tho, because now there are so many different styles and options for you and it's so much cheaper than it used to be back then.

I got my lashes done last week thanks to The Hair TRIC & Lashility. Their service is great and Chanel, the nice young lady who did my lashes, was so informative and friendly!

They have this chart when you first enter for you to choose the perfect lash for your eyes. There are different thickness levels, length, curl and even effects
for your choosing. The best would be to ask them to recommend which suits you best. Hey, they ARE the experts after all ey. 😉

The price varies according to thickness (see below):
  • Pandora 3D, 70-100 lashes @ RM138 (touch up price RM78)
  • Aurora 6D, 100-160 lashes @ RM168 (touch up price RM108)
  • Novaria 9D, 200-300 Lashes @ RM208 (touch up price RM168) 
  • Lash removal is RM35.

They even do extensions for men! It's called Marvelous 3D (RM108). They add extra volume to men lashes but not the curl and not dramatic la of course.. HHAHAHAHAHA ok brb, gonna make Shane do it and let him hate me for the rest of his life.

This being my first time, I asked Chanel to recommend which type of lash would suit me best. We went for the Aurora 6D because I wanted a fuller lash line but not too dramatic as well. She then measured my natural lash length which as about 10mm and recommended me to use 12mm at the back mixed with 11mm in the front to make it look more natural. The curl we went with was C-curl (I can even feel it touch my eyebrows sometimes Hahahahah). Lastly, the effect. I'm not a big fan of putting eyeliner because I'm lazy as hellllll, but I do like how it makes my eyes bigger and pop. So heyyyy, eyeliner effect! No need to draw eyeliner everyday hohohoho.

The process takes about 90 minutes, but you can practically take a nap throughout the whole process cause it's completely pain-free. Heheh. It's basically glueing the extensions onto your real lashes to make it look as natural as possible. Here's how the process looks like:

AND VOILA! Here's the end results:


There are a few rules which they'll explain to you during the process. If you want to keep your lashes longer, it's best you follow them. Hahaha

  1. No water on your lashes for at least 24 hours after you've done the extensions (you can clean your eye area lightly with a damp cloth)
  2. No oil base eye makeup remover (water base only)
  4. No rubbing your eyes
  5. No plucking (pls don't sohai 😑)


You can check their amazing work on their Instagram @the_hair_tric_and_lashility and contact them for an appointment today. 😄

Thank me later, loves! Hehehe


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