A Head of Rose & Gold (Hair Review)

I've been super busy lately with work. What's new, right? I always have this constant need to please people. God knows why, I don...

I've been super busy lately with work. What's new, right? I always have this constant need to please people. God knows why, I don't even know why myself. I've been slaving my way through 2016 and now that it's a new year, although I'm already 4 months in, I'm still working my ass off hahahah. So yep, never too late to make a New Years resolution right?

2017 resolution - don't be a yes man.

We're not born to please everyone. I haven't had enough sleep since high school, tbh. And don't get me started on trying to upkeep my looks and body. I'm ageing faster than light speed and everyone thinks I'm freaking 30yo dude.

But all the negativity and complaints aside (because that's what I do best --complain), I just wanna thank The Hair Tric & Lashility for always being there for me. Without them, I think I'd be a total mess. Because you guys give me so much love, I'd like to dedicate this blog post just for you <3 <3

As you know, I've been doing my lashes at The Hair Tric & Lashility for quite some time now, but they don't just do lashes, gaissss.. They actually have an amazing team of hair experts!

Come see my hairrrrr


Wanted to do the whole head with a purple/ashy fade, but they advised me not to cause it would make me look very pale with my current skin colour. So glad they gave me that advice tho! I absolutely love this rose gold balayage 😍😍

Best way to maintain the colour as long as possible --purple shampoo. It is a miracle product, I tell you. Whoever created it, hats off to you. I'm currently using Lovest which I got from then as well.

I'm no expert, but here's a few hair tips I've learned and I hope it helps you too if you have bleached hair:

Tip 1: if you have blonde/platinum/purple/ash/pink hair, you can use purple shampoo to balance the colour. We all know our Asian hair can't take the bleach and eventually our hair turns an ugly shade of yellow, but the purple actually helps balance your hair to a nice silvery-purple shade! :D

Tip 2: when showering, leave the purple shampoo on for a good 30 mins for it to seem in your hair. Keeps your hair soft and silky too! :D

Tip 3: if you have half bleached hair like mine, you can use your normal preferred shampoo to wash the base of your hair. Then only continue with purple shampoo at the bleached area. This saves you soooo much money because you know, good purple shampoo can be quite costly.

Hope these tips help keep your hair as beautiful as mineeeee. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

*flips hurrrrr*

Well, that's about all folks! Remember if you're ever in Bangsar and want a good hair makeover, do hit The Hair Tric & Lashility up! I promise you, you won't be disappointed. :) LOOK FOR TIM OR EMILY, THEIR COLOUR EXPERT! Her hair damn chio one Hahahaha.